Curriculum Objective

To provide an intensive and efficient training in the areas tested by the GMAT; to teach skills and strategies to help students to deal with medium- and high-difficulty questions, and thus to improve their chances to score high on the GMAT and get admission to the business school of their choice. 

Schedule of 3-day Course

Day 1

09:00-10:30 Introduction to GMAT and CAT Basics

10:45-12:15 Math Workshop

13:15-14:45 Problem Solving

15:00-16:30 Algebra, Number Properties

Day 2

09:00-10:30  Proportions, Properties of Sets

10:45-12:15  Data Sufficiency

13:15-14:45 Critical Reasoning I

15:00-16:30 Reading Comprehension I

Day 3

09:00-10:30 Critical Reasoning II

10:45-12:15 Reading Comprehension II

13:15-14:45  Integrated reasoning

15:00-16:30 Data Insights

Schedule of 6-week Course

Week 1

18:00-19:30 Introduction to GMAT and CAT Basics

19:45-21:00 Math Workshop

Week 2

18:00-19:30 Problem Solving

19:45-21:00 Algebra, Number Properties

Week 3

18:00-19:30  Proportions, Properties of Sets 

19:45-21:00  Data Sufficiency

Week 4

18:00-19:30 Critical Reasoning I

19:45-21:00 Reading Comprehension I

Week 5

18:00-19:30 Critical Reasoning II

19:45-21:00 Reading Comprehension II

Week 6

18:00-19:30 Integrated reasoning

19:45-21:00 Data Insights

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